Why Penis Pumps Don’t Work

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Men that are interested in increasing the length of their penis may go to any lengths to find the right method and right equipment to do so. The penis pump has been around for years and has been tried by millions of men over that time, but historically has had little to no positive growth results to show for. The penis pump is a device that uses vacuum pressure to increase the flow of blood to the penis. In theory, this should work; however, the device provides a temporary enlargement that goes away almost immediately.

One of the least favorite results of the penis pump is that it can numb the penis. This is not a feeling that most men want to experience. It can be especially uncomfortable and can possibly harm the penis. The pump has also been known to cause painful ejaculations after its use.

Some feel that the pump is best used directly before having sex. However, with so many problems and a complete lack of spontaneity, the pump is often discarded altogether. The worst types of injuries that a man can experience from using this type of device are scars, ruptured capillaries, blisters and even bleeding. While you are welcome to try a penis pump, do so completely warned. There are better and more modern solutions to penis enlargement and for the most part, the penis pump should only be seen as a humorous novelty. Look into medical devices that provide slow, comfortable traction for the penis. This type of device is more commonly used and suggested by medical professionals.


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Why Are Penis Pills A Suitable Option

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There are plenty of reasons why you should most definitely decide to invest into penis pills and regard these products as the best penis enlargement solution for you. The next lines contain everything you need to know on this topic, so if you want to ensure you choose something suitable for both you and your sexual partner there is no better place to start. Read on if you want to find out more about everything we have prepared for you, because this is your chance to make a difference.

What should I know?

happy man with penis pillsFirst of all, you should definitely know that most people prefer to invest into penis pills because they are more efficient and generally safer than any other solutions. Most of the ingredients contained in the best penis enlargement pills are obtained from herbs and other plants, which means that as a consumer you will be safe, away from any complication or risk that you may find in other options. There are plenty of sections on our website that will provide you with all the information you need to know about the use of penis pills and about why you should invest in the best penis enlargement options. If you want to make sure you make a correct decision all you need to do is access our website and choose the corresponding section.

The materials published there are definitely all you need to get started and move closer towards a much better sexual life. In addition to this, you may also wish to know that in addition to all the advantages and drawbacks that will be presented to you in the reviews we have you will also find something about what other customers believe. Most of the visitors of beautifullymarked.com decide to help other customers with information about how they were able to see some progress with respect to their sexual life.

What options is best for me?

The most important options you would generally get to choose from are penis pills, extenders and surgery. With the last option, even if the intervention is carried out by one of the best penis enlargement surgeons out there, you will need to know that there are plenty of risks and complications that may occur. So make sure you are aware of all these aspects, because in the end they could really make a difference in your sexual life. This is the only way to ensure you and your partner are fully satisfied with each other.


The Virginity Trap

The Virginity Trap

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Men who are virgins generally fall into two categories: the ones that are saving themselves for marriage and those who simply can’t seem to find a willing partner. Men that are saving themselves for marriage do so for either religious or moral beliefs, or both. Generally, they choose a partner with the same beliefs and the two work it out post nuptials. As for the men that have not chosen this lifestyle, they may feel they are in what we call “the virginity trap”.

How do we Define Virginity?

In women the loss of virginity is pretty clear. Once a penis penetrates the vagina, breaking the hymen, the woman is no longer considered a virgin. But is straightforward intercourse the only way a person can lose their virginity? Sex comes in all varieties, traditional, oral and anal. Some believe that if they only engage in oral or anal sex, that they are still considered virgins. Technically this is not true. Sex is sex, however you go about it.

What is the Average Age Men Lose Their Virginity?

The average age men lose their virginity is at about 17 years old. Keep in mind that this is just an average, and if you are one of those older guys out there wondering if there’s hope for you, there is. Men generally lose their virginity before women because first, they tend not to hold virginity as sacred as women, and second, because their hormones are at their peak at this time.

So how do I get out of the Virginity Trap?

First of all, quit trying so hard. Women are attracted to confident men. If the subject of sex comes up, try simply being honest. Some women are actually really turned on by the fact that they would be your first. Some may not be as enthusiastic, but once you find the right woman, your cherry has been popped and it isn’t an issue anymore.

On the flip side, if you are one of those guys that has simply given up and thrown in the towel, then it is time to get back out there. The same advice goes for you too. Be confident in yourself and let the lady do the leading this once.

After the deed is done, probably a whole minute or two later, recover and go back for more. Your partner will be happy with your enthusiasm and round two will undoubtedly last longer than the first. This is your time to shine. Use what you’ve learned and keep an open mind to learn more and your future romps in the sack will just keep getting better and better.