The Connection between Penis Size and Sex Life

The Connection between Penis Size and Sex LifeMany men judge their sex lives on their performance and also, the size of their penises. Studies have shown that those who have larger penises have better sex lives. These men have better luck in finding partners because they have more self-confidence; which is related to their performance and the fact they are well endowed.

This isn’t saying that men with smaller penises can’t find women and are losers. Women also look at things other than how good a man is in the bedroom and penis size. A woman who is only concerned with those two things is superficial and fake. This is definitely not the type of woman you want to date. Even if your penis is small, you need to have self- confidence.

Balance is also a good thing to have. This is because having an extremely large penis will really scare women. Six inches is the length of an average penis. If you would like an enlargement, go a few inches over that. Don’t go overboard if you want a woman to have intercourse with you. Even women, who claim to like larger penises, want it bigger than the average, but not enormous.

Pleasing a woman is easier if you have a large penis. However, even if your penis is large, it must be used efficiently.